Favorite Links

Hookem Charters is developing this page for those that love the sport of fishing. Here are some links that we found that may be of interest. If you suggestions for this page send them to us in an email. Keep your suggestions appropriate for avid fishermen as well as families. Suggestion- look for links about the environment, techniques of boating or fishing, enjoyable for children, humorous, fun, products that Hookem Charters will provide links for and/or those that are just plain informative. We will update this page to keep this site interesting.

www.hrfanj.org-General information NJ/NY waterways, preservation, protection and information 

www.hrfanj.org/river_conditions.htm – Conditions, species in Hudson, History of association, ramps and general information

g a science & environmental site but has info about the Bald Eagle viewing on the Hudson

www.duats.com/graphics/reg001loop.html – live weather radar – put this info on your blackberry & see rain or other weather you want to avoid

www.tzmarina.com – in case you want to buy a boat or dock a friends boat

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